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Severed+Said - Digital Parasites
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Severed+Said is John Touchton and he makes the most captivating electronic music. For the uninitiated John Carpenter is an obvious first reference, Touchton's experimental electronic jams made with guitars, synthesisers and drum machines paint a familiar first impression but this rapidly fades with deeper immersion and repeat listens. Incorporeality is his first album proper and follows three EPs:

  1. Crying In Dreams - four tracks via cassette specialists Popnihil from 2014 (now available as a free download on Bandcamp)
  2. Occlusions - six tracks on Not Not Fun from 2015 (my first insight)
  3. Pyrrhic Fortunes - back on Popnihil in 2016 with five more tracks

Hopping between labels, he's returned once again to LA outlet Not Not Fun, who always provide snazzy press releases. Here's how they pitch the new album:

equal parts synth-wave séance, abduction hallucination and paranormal noir

... which is perfectly apt! I would also add that the music is creepy, Ambient, terrifying, tense, feverish and pulsing, bolstered by track titles that extend this otherworldly, mind-out-of-body, filmic vibe. The vast quantity of ideas on show is evident in the clever track sequencing, with shorter "interlude" tracks separating the meatier compositions.

While there's a few standout moments across the thirteen tracks, Digital Parasites is my particular favourite.

Incorporeality is released on Friday 9th March 2018 on Not Not Fun.

Severed+Said - Digital Parasites