TheLetterElectronic Music Guide

Round up
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  1. 10 And A Bit Years Of Fear Of Flying - pretty decent four track celebratory EP
  2. What Exactly Is Hi-Res Audio, and Should I Care About It? - fairly technical article on the bit depth and sample rates of digital music
  3. Toolkit is a new release from Nuel, comprised of twelve finely crafted loops
  4. Watch the 2013 documentary We Are Modeselektor
  5. An Optimo oral history of Optimo
  6. The Neel podcast over at RA is superb - get onto that ASAP
  7. Martin Wheeler aka Vector Lovers is showing signs of life recently with a new track
  8. More 100% Silk on the way! Silk To Dry The Tears is a 31 track compilation, partly in memory of last year's terrible fire and partly in aid of Safer DIY Spaces
  9. New Dead Fader album Jenny153 is out now
Round up