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Romare - Motherless Child
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I've been listening to Romare's back catalogue on Spotify, and find myself rather excited about his debut album Projections, which is coming out next Monday (23rd February).

Featuring elements of American/African culture, his music has a rootsy sound, similar to DJ Sprinkles, but the overall sound is disparate: bluesy, housey, jazzy, yet somehow unique.

The video for Motherless Child was directed by Romare (real name Archie Fairhurst) himself, and has an interesting background:

“There are two tributes running through the song. One is to John Lennon and the other is to the spiritual 'Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child'. The two are related as John Lennon's mother was killed when he was young, so I thought I would juxtapose moving images to explore this relationship” - Romare

Romare - Motherless Child