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Rita Furstenhof - Hadron Collider
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I think of JD Twitch's outlook on trance when I listen to Hadron Collider, the debut EP from mysterious new producer Rita Furstenhof. The three tracks are transcendental and hypnotic with a blend of disco grooves and touches of acid that make this a thorough treat. Listen to third track Aa Viatel below:

Released on Optimo Music, here's some backstory:

Who is/are Rita Furstenhof? We have no idea who she/he/they are. The A1 track, the mighty "Hadron Collider" was sent to Optimo Music HQ about 18 months ago. Normally sending one track is not much use to a label, but this was so good that we instantly replied to say we wanted to release it. Rita Furstenhof works in mysterious ways, and it was 18 months until the other tracks for the EP arrived. Along the way there were a few times when we thought Rita had completely vanished and we were never going to have a complete EP, but finally, here it is.

Rita Furstenhof - Hadron Collider