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Recent Opal Tapes
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UK-based record label Opal Tapes have been very busy over the last quarter, releasing no less than eight albums of quality music from a range of artists, including Patricia, Clouds, Cubic Space Collective, D.Å.R.F.D.H.S, German Army, Son Of,  Body Boys and Michael Vallera. Here's some of my highlights.

Cubic Space Collective - Roland to Leyland (from album Dass II)

Patricia - Life is a Hideous Thing (from album Bem Inventory)

D​.​Å​.​R​.​F​.​D​.​H​.​S - Nekromanterna Från Kågdalen (from album Leave of Absence)

Body Boys - Yunnan (from album No Face)

Michael Vallera - Distance (from album Distance)

Son Of - Extrovert Them (from album Social Zombies)

Recent Opal Tapes