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Polo & Pan - Home Sweet Home (the mixtape)
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Pop duo Polo & Pan hail from France and make upbeat, room-filling music aimed squarely at the coolish side of mainstream. Having racked up millions of views on YouTube, they may not seem like obvious fare for extra buzz on The Letter but they've just released a mixtape called Home Sweet Home, and it's simply magnificent. Enjoy :-)

  1. Joao Gilberto - É preciso perdoar (Polo & Pan Remix?)
  2. Feira De Mangaio (Instrumental)
  3. Lewis Of Man - Flash (P&P Remix)
  4. José Miguel Wisnik - Mortal Loucura (Yaguarete remix)
  5. Daniel Fridell Soulrebel - Cumbia Brava
  6. Polocorp - Magic
  7. Disclosure - Where Angels Fear To Tread
  8. Hugo blanco - Cumbia con Arpa (Polo & Pan Remix)
  9. Josephine Baker - La Conga Blicoti (Polo & Pan Remix/Edit?)
  10. Iko Iko - (Polo&Pan Remix)
  11. Piccolo coro di - ll Cammello e il Dromedario (P&P Remix/Edit?)
  12. Michel legrand - Di-gue-ding-ding (Polo & Pan Remix)
  13. Le livre de la jungle (Polo and Pan Remix) "Trust in me" The Python's song"
  14. Beethoven Tempest Piano Sonata Third Movement (Sample)
  15. Schubert - Ständchen (Sample/Polo&Pan Remix)
Polo & Pan - Home Sweet Home (the mixtape)