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PinballSpider - Circuit Breaker
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The astute among you may recognise the name PinballSpider from the excellent H​+​P: Clyde Built 5​.​0 Compilation earlier this year? He teamed up with fellow Scot Kamus on the track Source Material. Well, the up-and-coming producer is about to release his first solo EP and it's a strong one. The impeccably-produced, Breaks-inspired three-tracker rolls along very tidily but it's the lead track that really steals the show. It's got a lovely old-skool vibe that reminds me of DJ Food and Ninja Tune from twenty-odd years ago. That vocal sample has been cut up to perfection.

Circuit Breaker is out on 9th December on Glasgow label Avoidant.

PinballSpider - Circuit Breaker