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Pattern Abuse Compilation 2 - Nordic Ambient
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Analysing music by where in the world it is was produced isn't the usual starting point for a review but titling this expansive and emotional eleven track compilation Nordic Ambient cleverly defines the label's intention to conjure scenes of dark winters and desolate landscapes, surveyed from a warm, weather retardant wooden dwelling with large glass walls. Once listeners latch onto the idea that these esoteric, fragile and blissful compositions have been made by artists toiling in the challenging, cold climes of Denmark and Sweden, it's practically impossible to conceive of anything else.

So with this whole Nordic idea firmly established, identifying the strand that connects the disparate range of styles presented on this second label compilation, whether that's orchestral synths, ghostly, rumbling noises, emo-strings, nocturnes or decaying bodies of texture, becomes a pleasantly engaging process. Playing like a cohesive artist album, the track sequencing proves pivotal in its success, with pace and style shifting slowly but deliberately, maintaining a restrained undulating story arc. Any challenging moments are invariably outweighed by those that enchant and encourage a deeper contemplation. This truly is a gem.

  • Rating: 9/10
  • Listens: 10
  • Highlight: Taktlöshet by Ljudvägg
  • Label: Pattern Abuse
  • Release Date: 10th January 2019

Pattern Abuse is a small label based in Denmark, with only a few releases so far.

Pattern Abuse Compilation 2 - Nordic Ambient