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Pär Grindvik - Trails / The Right To Be Forgotten
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I remember reading an article with Noel Gallagher (he of petulant UK rockers Oasis) where he was asked about his songwriting inspiration and cited The Beatles as a direct influence. Specifically, he talked about identifying words or phrases prevalent in popular culture and using them in his lyrics to:

  1. directly connect with his listeners (by talking their language, innit)
  2. make listeners think of his music when they say those words

He was referring to the song D'You Know What I Mean? from 1997 album Be Here Now, and I have to admit that I think of that blasted song whenever I hear someone say that phrase. The Beatles sort of did this with some of their tracks like Don't Let Me Down or Good Morning, Good Morning or the one I always sing when I'm actually feeling it: I'm So Tired.

With his new two-track EP Trails / The Right To Be Forgotten Swedish producer Pär Grindvik follows this line of thought by tapping into the hot topic of online privacy. Think: shadow profiles, GDPR, remarketing, online tracking and Big Brother and the realisation that, as each year passes, your digital footprint has become so deeply ingrained in the web that the chance of actually being forgotten is already a pipe dream.

Onto the music: picture a colony of ants going about their daily business. Trails is like the theme tune to their workmanlike rhythm, except it's not ants, it's spiders and robots, working as a tight team to track your online activity. The hint of melancholy in the melody is fitting. The Right To Be Forgotten maintains the contemplative vibe with rolling synths and a subtly tense bass line, helping you come to terms with the dire situation we find ourselves in 2018. Depressing subject. Great music.

  • Rating: 9/10
  • Listens: 6
  • Highlight: Trails
  • Label: Stockholm LTD
  • Release Date: 10th December 2018
Pär Grindvik - Trails / The Right To Be Forgotten