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Overcast Sound - Water Lines EP
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Check this out: a new EP from Overcast Sound called Water Lines:

For the uninitiated, Overcast Sound is Michael Pettit (aka Mikaere) and, under various guises, produces beautiful, electronic House and Ambient music. This EP lies within the latter category with its murky Ambient textures.

Two years in the making, Water Lines deals with the evolving relationship Pettit has with water:

For the past few years I have been thinking more about water. Specifically oceans. Most of my life I lived near one. But the last few years I have been living away from water. There are rivers and lakes nearby. But it is not quite the same. Water Lines is an attempt to capture the feelings that surface as I feel geographically distant, but increasingly emotionally drawn to water.

EP is out now on Hello Strange label.

Overcast Sound - Water Lines EP