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Oscar Mulero - Perfect Peace
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Hot on the heels of Acceptance, Oscar Mulero is back on Semantica with another finely-honed selection of IDM-leaning, BOC-inspired, Autechre-indebted Techno that will unequivocally please old and new fans alike. With sky-high production values, Perfect Peace is perfectly paced, eleven complex, intelligently written tracks based on heavy subject matter (mortality, life & death) neatly connected by a Greek philosophical theme. Complex is the operative word here, entrenched in layers of manipulated sounds, the music may be emotional, grainy, arresting and warm but importantly, it's cohesive. The more substantial tracks, like opening gambit Ataraxia and centrepiece Resolution illustrate this well with syncopated drum patterns balanced with melancholic melody, awash with pleasing textures. In contrast, shorter interludes (Surrender The Soul and Ouroboros) offset ceremony and maintain a keen focus. Superb stuff.

  • Rating: 9/10
  • Listens: 12
  • Highlight: Swathed In The Absolute
  • Label: Semantica
  • Release Date: 16th Mar 2018
Oscar Mulero - Perfect Peace