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New Umwelt album
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The French producer Umwelt has announced details of his new album, Days Of Dissent, due for release on October 17th on vinyl (followed by digital on the 31st).

Following the recent Killekill Megahits compilation, which featured the excellent Umwelt track Gravitational Lens, we see the first signs of Techno powerhouse label Killekill's promise of diversification with a series of smaller, more focused offshoot labels. Days Of Dissent will be released on a new imprint called Boidae.


  1. Days Of Dissent
  2. Factory Of Death
  3. Revolt
  4. Non Conformity
  5. Company Of Lies
  6. Citadel Of The Chaos
  7. World Shatters
  8. End Of Light
New Umwelt album