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New music #2
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A few releases worthy of note:

UFOCUS - Guidance For The Puzzled

New album of emotive Techno and Electro from Danny Wolfers, aka Legowelt, doing what he does best. Out on his own Nightwind Records label.

Inigo Kennedy - NGC EP

Based on NGC5128, the last track from his Vaudeville album, this new double A-side explores further Kennedy's fascination with the interstellar clouds of Cygnus and Draco. Beautiful, melodic and subtle. Out on Token Records.

Introflirt - Temporary Heaven

Self-proclaimed "croonwave". If you like a bit of Marc Almond or Morrissey and a healthy dose of fine electro pop, then you'll love Introflirt's second album Temporary Heaven. Self released.

Beastie Respond - Back to the Future

Fans of Joker should be lapping up this excellent seven track EP in their droves. With delightful eighties synths sitting next to contemporary beats, catchy melodies and even a little bit of drum 'n' bass, the various elements combine to form a really upbeat and cohesive release. Lead track Back To The Future with vocals from Alia Fresco has massive crossover potential. Out on RDG's Circle Vision label.

BONUS: here's a Beastie Respond promo mix to enjoy before the official release:

Adventice - Weeding EP

Four essential tracks from Roman Poncet and DJ Deep, aka Adventice. Opening tracks Chop Chop and Dow deliver satisfying Tribal Techno but they're ultimately cast into the shadows by the B-sides She Did The Weeding and She Pulled Up The Weeds which take the Tribal elements deeper and dubbier into House territory. Superb stuff! Out on Deeply Rooted Records.

New music #2