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New Broken English Club album
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Oliver Ho returns with his second album The English Beach as Broken English Club. It's an ode to the English coastal town of Dungeness, also known as the UK's only "desert", infamous for its abandoned buildings and shingle beach. To coincide with the album release, Ho has compiled a book of photographs of the area that also features Burroughs' inspired 'Cut Up' word collages.

Listen to some snippets:

I managed one full listen through (before the preview copy was taken down) and it sounded like a strong collection - an edgy mix of Electro and Techno with effective Mark E Smith-style vocals.

  1. Stray Dogs
  2. Breaking The Flesh
  3. The Sun Rising
  4. Plague Song
  5. Pylon
  6. Rust Ballad
  7. Wreck
  8. Carrion
  9. Concrete Desert
  10. Wire Fence
  11. The English Beach
  12. Last Signal

Out on Ron Morelli's L.I.E.S. imprint 15th June.

New Broken English Club album