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My music box
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In recent years my physical music collection has all but stopped growing; pretty much everything is digital these days, with the odd exception like my Fabric CD subscription or whatever I decide to pick up when I go into a music shop. Thinking back, I haven't bought a vinyl record for about ten years and the last time I bought an album on cassette tape was many years before that!

Because of that (and for various other reasons) since moving house four years ago, my record player and hi-fi separates have remained in their boxes... until now.

It was after seeing this record table built into a table that I decided that a new piece of furniture to house everything would be a great idea. But after a lot of shopping around I could find nothing that suited my needs. So I approached Tom Bell at The Cardiff Furniture Company (who had already built us a sideboard for our kitchen) with a sketch of what I had in mind.

And here's the result:

My new music media cabinet

My new media cabinet, with space for vinyl records, CDs, record player and (in the gap in the middle) my digital tv receiver. Made from reclaimed pine.

Space for record player
Space for the record player, with holes for cables down to the separates underneath.

Utility drawers for CDs, tapes etc.

These are utility drawers for CDs, tapes etc.

CD drawers

Drawers for CDs.

Record drawer

Record drawer with rollers to allow for the heavy weight. There's room for over hundred records in there, which means I'll need to work through my entire vinyl collection (about four hundred records) and select the ones I'll most likely want to listen to most.

All open for business

All open for business!

Loaded up.

Having fun sorting through my collection.

My music box