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Moteka - As We Fought Iron Giants
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Moteka started out in 2013 as Psytrance duo Principles of Flight (aka Pierre Delort and Rémy Maurin) making Techno inspired by Surgeon and Planetary Assault Systems, however, after Maurin's departure, Delort has handled the project himself and now presents a debut album on French label Skryptöm Records.

As We Fought Iron Giants tells the story of an unwanted adolescence, a protagonist preferring the ghostly world of robots, computer games and demons - the eye-catching artwork from Nicolas Delort reflects this. Using suitably emotive track titles, neon-lit scenes of fantasy and danger are depicted across twelve tracks of finely produced electronic music. Delort's vast experience is evident in the pleasing balance of proper melody (check out Sleeping Giants and Limbo) and floor-ready rhythms (Marching Robots and First Encounter). There's plenty to get excited about but the closing trio of tracks in particular leaves a lasting impression, beginning with Smart Weapon, an appropriately named havoc-inducer, followed by the catchy and rugged Electro vibe on Final Confrontation before the excellent closer Peace At Last, which marries a haunting melody with subtle tension.

It's not specifically headphone or floor but very pleasant repeat listening.

  • Rating: 8/10
  • Listens: 18
  • Highlight: Final Confrontation
  • Label: Skryptöm Records
  • Release Date:12th July
Moteka - As We Fought Iron Giants