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MMMΔ - Egoismo
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Egoismo, a new six-track album by Greek duo MMMΔ (short for Mohammad) and it's been my primary bed time choice of late. It's dirge music on the right side of funereal. A dark, sweeping, circling vibe pervades, like a menacing crow overhead, sometimes with long waves of synthesiser notes, rising and falling, other times, guitar feedback fermata and drawn-out double bass create a clandestine tension. Gregorian chanting with a folky streak introduces light and balance, even though a chiming church bell hints at the horror western Sergio Leone never made. It's a strangely alluring place for a late night retreat.

  • Rating: 9/10
  • Listens: 21
  • Highlight: Egoismo
  • Label: Antifrost Records
  • Release Date: 13th September
MMMΔ - Egoismo