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Mic Meimaroglou - Colonized EP
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On the back of Golden Thread, his accomplished album as Aithale, Mic Meimaroglou returns under his own name with an EP of dancefloor-ready dynamite. With a cursory listen they may sound like functional fodder, but with repeated immersion the urgent rhythm that connects all three tracks, combined with the varying subtle elements that separate them, starts to make sense. Lead track Colonized builds and builds but doesn't really drop, leaving you desperate for more, while Chion chugs along with an insistent acid refrain. Best of the three though is Cretan with it's circular melody underpinned with a resonant backing vocal. Reminds me of the more dance-infused tracks of The Black Dog.

7/10 after 11 listens

Out tomorrow on 808 Recordings.

Mic Meimaroglou - Colonized EP