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Madben - Fréquence(s)
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Even with a laughable track that screams, "I HATE THAT FUCKIN' TECHNO SHIT", on the evidence of his whole debut album Fréquence(s), I'm inclined to accept that Madben, aka French DJ and producer Benjamin Leclercq, isn't completely mad. Sure, it's an unexpected and bizarre outburst that graces Stripes (A Vocal Tribute From L.G to I.P) but he more than compensates with ten further tracks that juggle styles authoritatively, each bursting with an individual exuberance that's captivating.

Of the many highlights, two collaborations stand out: MG's Groove, featuring the French godfather of Techno Laurent Garnier, simply oozes quality, a ten minute monster that balances a Techno vibe with a House groove. Outclassing that by a bawhair is Grief, Dance To Death with Rebeka Warrior & Manu Le Malin, French vocals, hooky melody and a banging chorus. Elsewhere, the appropriately titled Narcotica trades in addictive vibes, balancing a thumping refrain with emotive synths while my favourite track, Reminiscence brings to mind the mournful Acid workouts of Tin Man.

  • Rating: 8/10
  • Listens: 10
  • Highlight: Reminiscence
  • Label: Astropolis Records
  • Release Date: 6th Apr 2018
Madben - Fréquence(s)