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Lockertmatick - Director's Cut EP
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German producer Stephan Schindler is the man behind Lockertmatik (also the name of the no-nonsense Techno label he runs with Thomas Eckhardt, aka Anaxy) and he's just released a new EP called Director's Cut, on Irish label Delinquent Delivery, featuring four tracks of hellava catchy Acid rhythms.

Opening with the title track, the descending bass line stutters along, jumping a beat, while retaining a fine head-nodding momentum, and proves to be the highlight of the release. In its company though the remaining tracks hold their own, particularly his remix of Chandler Park by one of his own aliases Kryptic Universe, which combines a rugged piano chord alongside some flat synths. Stuff #2 toys with established Acid motifs and would fit seamlessly into most Techno sets while Blue Film drops the pace to 126 BPM to close things out on a suitably low-key note.

  • Rating: 7/10
  • Listens: 8
  • Highlight: Director's Cut
  • Label: Delinquent Delivery
  • Release Date: 19th November 2018
Lockertmatick - Director's Cut EP