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Julia Bondar - I Want Forbidden
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On her sixth release in roughly a year I Want Forbidden by Ukrainian artist and synthesiser-whizz Julia Bondar offers three tracks touching Techno, Electro and Trance, that bolsters a back catalogue that's been expanding as rapidly as her reputation for captivating hardware live sets using modular synthesisers (ask Aphex Twin, he's a big fan apparently).

Opener Black T-Shirt with its Electro vibe, works a catchy circular riff that mimics a guitar and when combined with the steady rhythm sounds very palatable. While Talk Dirty To Me is a dirty Techno growler that puffs and pants with prowess, it's essentially a competent DJ tool. Third and final track Lust is Pop in length and, with its Trance overtones and echoes of Âme's Rej, is sure to be a peak time crowd-pleaser.

As Art Director at (and co-owner of) the modular synthesizer company Endorphin, I assume she had a hand in the fine art work for this release. All I can say is, I'm going to find it difficult to see lemons normally going forward.

  • Rating: 7/10
  • Listens: 15
  • Highlight: Black T-shirt
  • Label: Production
  • Release Date: 25th February 2020
Julia Bondar - I Want Forbidden