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Joker - The Mainframe
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Back in 2011, after three or four years defining the dubstep template with a string of monumental singles, Joker’s debut album The Vision landed... too late, too little, and too Pop as well apparently. I was indifferent. Now though, in 2015, we have sophomore album The Mainframe, and you’d be forgiven for thinking business as usual, because the 26 year old British producer has stayed true to his original Vision, combining whopping, orchestral pop with truly satisfying dubstep-style hooks and reverberating bass.

Vocal tracks like Lucy (feat. Sam Frank) and Love (feat. Rochelle) clearly have massive crossover appeal, but it’s the emotive belters, like Boss Mode, Midnight and the mini-three-scene-drama that unfolds halfway through that make this album such a joy. My indifference has vanished.

9/10 after 13 listens

Joker - The Mainframe