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Joey Anderson - After Forever
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I'd almost forgotten to check out Joey Anderson's debut album before reading Martyn's recommendation. He suggests there's a fluidity to Anderson's music, which makes sense in the context of the eleven sprawling tracks of After Forever. From start to finish we witness such a diverse range of sounds, rhythms and production techniques that there has to be something fluid that connects them all so effortlessly; and I think this connection is contrast.

Filled with contrasting elements, like warm pads against a stabbing snare (Keep the Design) or dreamy synths beneath a cracking whip (Sorcery), each track is like a keenly observed anecdote, packed with plot twists and dramatic developments. There may rarely be a chance to hum along to a recognisable melody but equally so it's impossible to grow bored.

Like the music of Darren J. Cunningham (aka Actress), Anderson has made an album that isn't easily categorised (there's elements of house, techno and ambient... sometimes all on one track!) and greatly improves with repeat listens.

8/10 after 13 listens

Joey Anderson - After Forever