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Joel Mull - Arrow of Time
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Joel Mull, another celebrated artist with numerous tracks speckled throughout my music collection, ignorantly unappreciated, languishing in the shadows of my subconscious... until now! Fourth album Arrow of Time hits the mark with a headphone-friendly mix of emotive Techno burners and rugged floor sweepers. Influenced by travel, time and the future, with hints of House, Trance, Ambient and Dub thoughout, it's an album with the soul of Techno at its heart.

We all have moments when we think about time, I do, especially when I travel. There is a certain loose feeling when I write music and sketch on ideas while I’m in a moving object that is blasting throughout space, such as a plane or a train. These moments are more intense for me than, for example, when I’m working on ideas in the studio. The studio is amazing but it can also be too structured. When I look out of a window and have a moving canvas in front, it directly adds emotion and easily inspires me.

Joel Mull

It's the first LP to be released on Swedish label Parabel and offers an antidote to the 70-odd EPs he's put his name to over the last two decades (I'm exhausted just picking my way through his vast Discogs profile... look! there's even a comment dating back 17 years). Worth some investigation.

  • Rating: 6/10
  • Listens: 18
  • Highlight: Northern Spheres
  • Label: Parabel
  • Release Date:14th June
Joel Mull - Arrow of Time