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JK Flesh - Pi04
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Around the time of its release in the summer of 2016, I gave the JK Flesh album Rise Above a few listens, partly because I was considering reviewing it but mainly because it was released on Speedy J's Electric Deluxe label. I'd heard some of Justin Broadrick's previous work as Godflesh and Techno Animal so wasn't surprised to hear his usual uncompromising take on Industrial music. The label was a intriguing signpost though, indicating Broadrick's intended onward journey perhaps? Fast forward 18 months and the signs were right: after two further releases, both EPs on the celebrated Techno label Downwards (run by Regis), the path Broadrick was heading was bona fide Techno, with each release steadily redefining his game plan. Signs of Godflesh endured in the reverberating bass lines and battering beats but having the support of Surgeon on remix duties added weight and authority to his efforts.

Now for the next chapter in the JK Flesh story: a new EP on Pi Electronics called Pi04. It's a stomping workout that reaches further than before. Lead track PI04.1 in particular demonstrates perfectly how to combine a characteristic 4x4 Techno beat with the type of fuzzed-up Godflesh bass line he does so well. More Techno traits follow on PI04.2 with dubby feedback underpinned by a regular rhythm. PI04.3 plays with a high tension melody, awash with layers of sound, quite addictive. And the seal of approval comes from Juan Mendez, aka Silent Servant, who transforms PI04.2 by passing it through an Electro filter, the result is almost as good as the opener!

  • Rating: 9/10
  • Listens: 16
  • Highlight: PI04.1
  • Label: Pi Electronics
  • Release Date: 2nd Feb 2018
JK Flesh - Pi04