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Introflirt - Temporary Heaven
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Hailing from California, Introflirt are a trio led by Ben Benjamin and Temporary Heaven is their second album. Built on effective drum machine programming, punchy synthesisers and memorable melodies, they make self-described Croonwave, which equates to electronic music with resonating vocals. Throw in a few heavyweight subjects like sexual repression and religion and we have a fine balance of ingredients that work! The music has a nostalgic scent of the eighties, primarily emphasised by the parallels between Benjamin's luxurious crooning and that of Soft Cell lead man Marc Almond, but the music is certainly contemporary — for a different angle, think Devon Welsh and Majical Cloudz.

Orange Light and Frozen Lace perfectly represent the strong songwriting evident across the eight tracks, with the latter being the highlight.

8/10 after 20+ listens

Introflirt - Temporary Heaven