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I Murdered - Blood In Blood Out
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Oh, the impact of a great sample! Blood In Blood Out, the lead track from this riveting EP of the same name by Berlin-based duo I Murdered, certifiably sports one. Built on a crunchy Techno rhythm and buzz-saw guitars, think of it as a sibling to recent Godflesh album Post Self, especially the blistered vocal that forms the masterly sample. Orphyx steps in for a remix, enhancing the Acid elements before transforming things for peak time.

On the B-side Insomnia is another abrasive slab of ear-splitting electronic rock; hefty shapes loom while ghostly vocals lie low in the mix. Somewhat appropriately Justin K Broadrick creates a new version in the same form as the title track, i.e. by mangling the original vocal into a nice loop and adding his celebrated rhythmic pummel.

  • Rating: 8/10
  • Listens: 9
  • Highlight: Blood In Blood Out
  • Label: Reclaim Your City
  • Release Date: 7th November
I Murdered - Blood In Blood Out