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H​&​P: Clyde Built 3​.​0 Compilation
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This is easily the best compilation yet from Huntleys + Palmers, I would go as far as to say nearly every track is worth paying for!

Opening with a bunch of vocal tracks, taking in skewed pop from LAPS and The Junto Club, wonky IDM from Sue Zuki and stripped-back electronic music from Kübler Ross and Woman's Aid makes for a great opening sequence.

The Letter favourites Lo Kindre provide more of their tasteful dub while one particular highlight comes from Tony + Morris's excellent cover version of DHS's House of God (a must listen).

Things really kick-off properly with Affi Koman's disco-drenched Crisis, initiating a selection of dancefloor-targeted tracks, almost all of which are essential. Acid from Fear-E and JHM, deep House from Alex Caslano, many shades of Techno from Kleft (banging) and Helena Celle (lo-fi). There's even some retro-sounding drum'n'bass from Baggy Clobber.

James Sandford closes things out perfectly with his monumental ambient track 59335 / The Strains Of Mass Singing.

A special shoutout goes to Henson & Bedges for best band name.

It's FREE, so get onto ASAP!

H​&​P: Clyde Built 3​.​0 Compilation