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House of Black Lanterns - Data Transmission Podcast 464
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Based on his immense genre-bending debut album as House of Black Lanterns, Dylan Richards has proved he can work with a range of musical styles, filtering his vast array of influences into his own unique sound, so it shouldn't surprise anyone that this selection for Data Transmission demonstrates another satisfying side to his well-rounded tastes.

If, like me, you revel in ambient and modern classical electronic music, then you'll love this hour long selection that takes in, among others, John Carpenter, Chromatics, M83, Philip Glass and Keith Jarret. And to end things on a memorable note we have the beautiful Tears in the Typing Pool by Broadcast.


  1. Weather Report- Milky Way
  2. Aux 88 – Intro
  3. John Carpenter & Alan Howath – This Is Not a Dream
  4. John Carpenter – Undented
  5. Deadboy – It Did Not Feel Right
  6. Chromatics – The Telephone Call
  7. Chromatics – THe Gemini
  8. M83 – Waves Waves Waves
  9. Elysia Crampton ft Money Allah – Moth
  10. Lifted – Silver
  11. Ingram Marshall – Prelude (The Bay)
  12. Raum – Event Of Your Leaving
  13. Meredith Monk – Clusters 2
  14. Photek – Aura
  15. M83 – Dancing Mountains
  16. Laurie Anderson – Walking & Falling
  17. Philip Glass – Glassworks No 1, Opening
  18. Nico – Prelude
  19. Bobby Hutcherson – Tranquillity
  20. Keith Jarrett – Birth
  21. Was Not Was – The Sky’s Ablaze
  22. Broadcast – Tears In The Typing Pool
House of Black Lanterns - Data Transmission Podcast 464