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Heathered Pearls - Body Complex
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Heathered Pearls is one man, Polish-born producer Jakub Alexander, and his new (second) album, Body Complex, is so lovely I've been drifting off to sleep at night to it's shimmering sounds. Balancing haunting synths with wispy four-to-the-floor beats the result is a warm, melancholic sound; it's closest reference point being The Black Dog. Of the ten tracks, three are collaborations, two of which somehow tumble by unnoticed, but the excellent Warm Air Estate featuring Outerbridge (aka Thomas Mullarney III from Beacon) is the standout moment on the album, with sexy vocals and a satisfying melody. And, as the penultimate track, it triggers the subconscious desire required to listen to the whole album again.

9/10 after 21 listens

Heathered Pearls - Body Complex