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Graveyard release shift 2019
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Releasing new music at the end of the year is a gamble, and probably best avoided if possible, what with all the end-of-year lists and other festivities stealing everyone's time and attention; another hurdle to surmount for your music to heard. On this note then I'd like to highlight a few bits and pieces that crossed my radar in the last few weeks that you may have missed.

Rhys Fulber - Baut Mit!

Canadian musician Rhys Fulber is given the premier remix treatment by Tommy Four Seven, Headless Horseman, Phase Fatale and Traversable Wormhole, reworking tracks from his Ostalgia album.

Andrew Pekler - Sounds From Phantom Islands

A fine companion piece to Young Marco's Bahasa. Pekler's new album offers you the chance to escape into the world of the unknown, to the phantom islands that exist only in your mind.

Local Product - Dolores del Río

Local Product is Stephan Stephensen (GusGus) and Sveinbjörn Bjarki Jónsson, aka President Bongo and Sonic Deception and this six-track EP is part five of a massive series of 24 planned releases over seven years called Les Adventures de President Bongo. Behold some feather light Techno and very pleasant Electronica meandering.

Ecker & Meulyzer - Carbon

Experimental Ambient and Techno from Norwegian duo Koenraad Ecker and Frederik Meulyzer, formerly known as Stray Dogs. Carbon deals with the heavy subject matter of the capitalocene.

Akasha System - Echo Earth

Echo Earth is quality Ambient inspired by nature from Hunter P. Thompson on 100% Silk.

Carl Finlow - Obscura

Slick EP of DJ tools from the Electro stalwart, worth checking out.

Iván Muela - How Much Left Gone

You may remember Five Questions, Muela's exquisite EP of delicate piano works from April 2019? Well, his new collection How Much Left Gone sees the artist investigate the more experimental side to his work with an Ambient and Drone poem.

Forest Robots - Times When I Know You'll Watch The Sky

Third album of gentle Electronica from Fran Dominguez, aka Forest Robots

Jacobb - An Apple A Day

I have absolutely nothing to tell you about this release except that it's heavily influenced by the whole BOC/Aphex school of thought, and I rather like it. There is a Soundcloud page for Jacobb, but there's nothing on it!

Graveyard release shift 2019