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Florian Meindl - Nonlinear Times
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Who would argue that making a true Techno album sound fresh these days is nothing short of impossible? For most artists who makes music, I imagine knowledge and experience must be a two-edged sword: go the tried-and-tested route? Or adventure along the shock-of-the-new line? On his fourth album Nonlinear Times, German analogue-favouring producer Florian Meindl plays it safe and treads a fine line between the two, albeit with admirable gusto. He inflates Techno to its limits. Even when he delivers what most of us would expect from a Techno album, like the clichéd bookending of tracks sans bass drum, it's efficient. The mini-drops on the title track are effective. The rugged drum programming on Industry 2.0 leaves us in no doubt of his deep understanding of Techno anatomy and his deft technical capability. Perhaps it's these prerequisite elements that make the standout moments?

Sandwiched between two of the heavier tracks Strange City brings contrast by playing with trance-like synths, building and releasing tension without a drop. Dive Down, with its dirty, Acid-inspired vibe actually brings to mind the recent, menacing work of JK Flesh (who, himself, ironically must have heard a few Meindl albums over the years). The rhythm on Opposite Dream breaks from the default 4x4 with rumbling textures and arpegiated synths. Basic Mechanics proves that Techno can evolve into something much more than a steady kick drum. The highlight, I Know The Kick, the only track with a vocal element, is like Meindl reminding us that he knows what works, how to wield the sword.

  • Rating: 7/10
  • Listens: 14
  • Highlight: I Know The Kick
  • Label: FLASH Recordings
  • Release Date: 22nd February 2019
Florian Meindl - Nonlinear Times