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Federico Durand - Jardin de invierno
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Jardin de invierno or Winter Garden if you prefer, blissfully sweeps you off to a wintery time and place, somehow lost in time, yet evoking memories that may not exist yet.

I like what Durand had to say about the album:

I reached the garden through an undulating path. It was covered with ivy, laurel, olive and araucaria trees. After climbing a stone staircase, I entered then the winter garden where I had arranged my workplace. The winter garden grabbed the last rays of sun in the afternoon. It was the best place to make music in that big, cold house. There was a tiny table there with a small collection of instruments. When I was recording, I could see the passing of the seasons on trees and plants from the window. At night, the autumn wind whistled through the wooden beams. Sometimes, the winter garden turned grey, like the rainy sky; other days, at sunset, a golden light gave life and color to everything.

Federico Durand - Jardin de invierno