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Farewell basic_sounds
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Sadly, nothing lasts forever. After five years and 64 releases, the immense Dub Techno netlabel basic_sounds has decided to close it's doors. Luckily the music will remain online and accessible via Thank you for all the great music!

If you're new to basic_sounds or have only heard a few releases, then here's my top ten tracks from over the years to entice you to look further:

  1. Chord - High Catherine (download page)

  2. Fingers In The Noise - 1:06 AM (download page)

  3. Textural Being - Paix (download page)

  4. Joel Pryde - Lasting (download page)

  5. Erich Schall - Inside (download page)

  6. Co-Op - This Machine Kills Fascists (download page)

  7. Tomas Jirku - Breaker Fever (download page)

  8. Devennue - Subforms (download page)

  9. Overcast Sound - At Dawn (download page)

  10. Bartek Kawula - Glass (download page)

Farewell basic_sounds