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Edit Select - Cyclical Undulations
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If you liked the minimal thrum of Visitors - Projection (Tony Scott's collaboration with Antonia Ruscito from 2016) then you'll appreciate the Soma stalwart's new solo effort Cyclical Undulations, which maintains the reputed deep vibe he's established as Edit Select over the last ten years.

Once past the beatless opener the four to the floor rhythm prevalent across the majority of the album takes grip, not a bunch of banging Techno tunes but a finely honed selection of sleepy Techno hymns. Subtle is the byword here, padded beats mix with distant howls, dreamlike sounds haunt the room next door, your inner self carried deep down the hole to an alternative reality where warm and cold rushes gently crash like a warped weather system. And like all good Techno records, Cyclical Undulations elevates and transports with effortless assurance, whether that's through the metronomical typing that underpins the soothing synths on Above Ground, the Acid honking on Undulation or the throbbing sub bass on the colossal Contact (featuring fellow deep Techno expert Claudio PRC). Pretty good stuff.

  • Rating: 8/10
  • Listens: 14
  • Highlight: Above Ground
  • Label: Soma
  • Release Date: 2nd Mar 2018
Edit Select - Cyclical Undulations