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Edit Select & Antonio Ruscito - Visitors - Projection
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Connecting two outposts, it's an express underground ride through dark tubes with momentary flashes of life appearing and disappearing like inaccessible stations.

...a Fantastic Voyage where you've entered a powerful slipstream, the coursing blood transporting you round a closed circuit, the perpetual pulse of human life throbbing beneath.

...after one too many, joyriding a stolen car round a bustling city, car headlights and neon signs blur while snatches of real life are glimpsed.

Life is the operative word here. It's a haunting experience, you feel displaced, out of control even, but once on board you can't help but immerse yourself in the thrum. That's the projection I get.

Sounding deceptively simple, what we have with this collaboration between British producer Edit Select (aka Tony Scott) and Italy’s Antonio Ruscito is proper Minimal Techno. A perfect snapshot of the ever-changing Techno landscape in 2016.

8/10 after 10 listens

Edit Select & Antonio Ruscito - Visitors - Projection