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Drafted - Frames From The Lake
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Debut EP from new Italian producer Giuseppe Fatalino, going by the name Drafted, delivers blueprint Techno for Dutch label Balans; the opening couple of tracks in particular demonstrating perfectly the hallowed alliance of Ambient and Techno.

The eerie atmosphere of title track Frames From The Lake immediately transports you to a distant utopia, like the opening scene of a film, before the proper dialogue begins with the thumping Frequency Graven; this type of contrast is tried and tested and works well here. The hot pace is reflected on the B-side with the frenzied textures of Shaded Impacted and Vortex Empire, the latter introducing some soothing synths to close things out nicely.

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EP is out 15th April on Dutch label Balans. Check out the Drafted Facebook page.

Drafted - Frames From The Lake