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Deepbass - Multiverse
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The shortest, sweetest press release I've ever read actually sums up this new two-track EP from Glaswegian producer Deepbass (aka Darren Roberts) perfectly:

A mesmerizing journey into gloomy parallel universes

Mesmerising journey? Yes, the vibe is wholly hypnotic and with two lengthy tracks, both in excess of ten minutes apiece, that tunnel along into the darkness, there's no arguing that it feels like an extended chauffeured nightride through the lowlights of your local downtown. Gloomy? Exactly! The distinct lack of light and shade only strengthens this vision, conjuring a murky, malevolent atmosphere. Parallel universes? Now this is fitting. As the near identical sibling tracks glide along, their single purpose is clear: to satisfy those craving the expansive and engrossing soundscapes on which Roberts has built his reputation — only the subtle breakdown halfway through second track Infinity separates the pair. Have a listen at KOMPAKT.

With previous releases on Soma and Edit Select (among others) Roberts lengthens his reach through emerging label Kontrafaktum with their third release (this follows Blazej Malinowski's Profundity and Nax_Acid's inaugural Abyssal).

7/10 after 8 listens

Out on 28th April on Kontrafaktum.

Deepbass - Multiverse