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Dead Man's Chest & Thugwidow - Sleepless on Venus
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The London-based label and club Rupture, run by Double O and Mantra, have launched a new series of releases called The Planets. A year in the making, the series celebrates all the Junglist titans who inhabit the Rupture universe.

First up is Dead Man's Chest & Thugwidow with a track of smooth Jungle vibes called Sleepless on Venus. On the flip-side is Theory with Heartbreak in Paradise.

Next in the series is Mercury, with Sully x Outer Heaven, and future releases will come from Rumbleton, Response X Pliskin, Gremlinz x Jesta, Theory, Double O, The Untouchables, Seba, Om Unit, J Robinson, Sonars Ghost, Djinn, Forest Drive West and more.

Dead Man's Chest & Thugwidow - Sleepless on Venus