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Compy 45
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In an effort to compile more than a single selection of my favourite tracks per year, here's my first one for 2019! Please enjoy an hour of the finest Electronic music, beginning low key with the likes of The 7th Plain and Biosphere before introducing a minor increase in pace with Mikron, MATRiXXMAN / Bauernfeind and Serena Butler before going down tempo again with Orphan Ann, Hilary Woods and Sonja Tofik & Mar-llena.

  1. The 7th Plain - I Think I Think Too Much
  2. Biosphere - Space Is Fizzy
  3. Vril - Eos
  4. Wraetlic - Spivate
  5. Gescom - Key nell 1
  6. Shlømo - Vanished Breath (Oscar Mulero Remix)
  7. Mikron - Ghost Node
  8. Hymns - Water Acid
  9. MATRiXXMAN / Bauernfeind - Strife
  10. Serena Butler - Your Past. Your Future. Your Very Light
  11. oqbqbo - Rei
  12. Orphan Ann - The Practice of Surrender
  13. Hilary Woods - Black Rainbow
  14. Sonja Tofik & Mar-llena - I din famn, äntligen fri

Time 71mins. Size: 170MB. Quality: 320kbs. Download Compy 45.

Please note that only the last three compilations will be available for download, but from Compy 29 you will always be able to stream them on Mixcloud.

Compy 45