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Co-Ops Vol. 2
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With Co-Ops Vol. 2 Counterchange Recordings head Ed Davenport expands on the original four track compilation of volume one with eight tracks that perfectly represent today's modern Techno sound. Along with his own contribution (as Inland) he's invited artists from a range of respected labels including Boddika (Nonplus), Cassegrain & Tin Man (Killekill, Infrastructure New York) and BNJMN (Tresor, Tiercel) to help celebrate the tenth release on the label.

The vinyl pressing comes with a hand printed sleeve featuring artwork by Carina Wittmann and is limited to 200 copies.

  1. Boddika - Broken Wave
  2. Yogg - Close Enough
  3. Patrik Skoog - Mind Control
  4. Distant Echoes - Under The Influence
  5. BNJMN - Red Tide
  6. Inland - Fluxus
  7. Cassegrain & Tin Man - Opal Stare
  8. Pharaoh & Yogg - The Great Attractor
Co-Ops Vol. 2