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Claudio PRC - Volumi Dinamici
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There's something alluring about an album judged 3.4/5 by RA when the constructively defensive comments say otherwise — a compelling argument for further investigation if ever there was one!

Volumi Dinamici, is the album in question and comes from Claudio Porceddu, aka prolific young Italian producer Claudio PRC.

As you'll notice from his discography he's not only been releasing music since 2009 but he's worked with a few like-minded artists you may already be familiar with, including Terence Fixmer, Reggy Van Oers and Blazej Malinowski.

Fans of the recent Earthen Sea, or Reggy Van Oers' albums will enjoy the smooth blend of Ambient and gently driving Techno on Volumi Dinamici.

And if that whets your appetite, check out φάσμα, a live recording from last years Fasma Festival in Athens, Greece — it's also name your price!

One final tip: the collaboration with Blazej Malinowski: TGP Extra 003.

Claudio PRC - Volumi Dinamici