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Claude Speeed - My Skeleton
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There's a sense of serene majesty to the music on Claude Speeed's debut album My Skeleton. Using a range of electronic sounds, synthesisers, piano and field recordings, Scottish producer Stuart Turner has created an immersive and joyful listen (check out Washaa, Tiger Woods, Spectral Choir and An Imperial Message). Mostly beatless yet not really ambient, we're presented with deceivingly vast musical landscapes (most tracks are around 3-5 minutes long), each layered and richly textured, be it sweeping orchestral tones, twinkling piano, fuzzy guitars or a parping clarinet. Arguably bereft of hummable tunes throughout, the more melodic moments are given focus through the fine balance of contrasting sounds, like drones next to piano (Some Other Guy) and singing next to white noise (Taj Mahal). Closing track Hold on ft LW is a particular highlight.

8/10 after 7 listens

Claude Speeed - My Skeleton