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Chilly Gonzales - Chambers
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Good news! Chilly Gonzales returns with a new album of piano music, the official follow-up to Solo Piano II, entitled Chambers. Listen to the track Freudian Slippers:

The album comes in the usual formats as well as a Solitaire Wind-Up Music Box.

Chilly Gonzales - Chambers


  1. Prelude To A Feud
  2. Advantage Points
  3. Sweet Burden
  4. Green's Leaves
  5. Freudian Slippers
  6. Solitaire
  7. Odessa
  8. Sample This
  9. The Difference
  10. Cello Gonzales
  11. Switchcraft
  12. Myth Me

Release date: 23 March 2015.

Chilly Gonzales - Chambers