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Charlie Don't Surf - Storms Ahead
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With the pop sensibilities of Royksopp, the cool of Caribou and the production prowess of Guy J, get ready for Storms Ahead, the debut album from Swedish newcomer Charlie Don't Surf. Taking his name from the 1979 film Apocalypse Now, the inference proving somewhat paradoxical in that he clearly "gives a fuck" about his music, it's deep and emotive, rich in texture and packed with memorable melodies, confidently trading in warm House grooves with unashamed Pop dalliances.

Abstract concepts of weather and self-reference are evident in the titles for those seeking greater appreciative depth but the long tracks (nine out of ten exceed six minutes) provide ample scope for narrative. Standout moments are the ones with Acid undertones, like title track Storms Ahead and As Waves Crash, which balance sweet melody offset with testing tension levels; album highlight Wait For Me particularly exemplifies this pattern.

As an award-winning DJ (having won the Burn Residency) and with the backing of Richie Hawtin (having played at his Space Ibiza ENTER party) the forecast's looking bright for Charlie.

8/10 after 16 listens

The album is released today on German label Einmusika Recordings.

Charlie Don't Surf - Storms Ahead