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Cabasa & Scaarlet - Spill The Tea EP
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Spill The Tea is the inaugural split EP on No Suit Records with Cabasa and Scaarlet teaming up for seven polished tracks of Experimental Ambient Techno.

Belgian producer Cabasa's three tracks lean towards the Ambient and lo-fi side of things with works that float by smoothly, bearing the distinctive marks of Boards of Canada in contemplative mood; they're pretty and inoffensive. The dull thud of the slowmo kick drum throughout More Than A Second resonates nicely.

Masked German duo Scaarlet proffer four tracks with elements of Techno and Drum 'n' Bass. Weaving in tasteful, hooky samples and reverberating bass lines, they've got that whole syncopated, experimental angle finely honed. Their bonus track Baltimore is the EP highlight, the creepy vibe coupled with the excellent sample "It ain't really safe... in Baltimore" works well.

Cabasa & Scaarlet - Spill The Tea EP