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Broads - Ollust
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Norfolk's Broads have teamed up with folk singer Milly Hirst on Ollust, an album of quiet, meditative music inspired by their local landscapes and culture.

Over six tracks, hushed piano chords crosshatch with field recordings and other processed sounds (including Hirst's "wordless vocals") creating a dreamlike state, perfect for contemplation. Moments of self-realisation come into focus as life unexpectedly emerges, be it a church bell, a distant seagull or inclement weather. The rising emotion as second track Thetford builds with soaring synths and a glitchy rhythm signals an important but unnamed event in this story, while Strangers (essentially a microcosm of the whole) begins with bare-bones piano and increasing layers of sound, turning stormy halfway through with feedback and noise, before the calm returns.

All in, a powerful yet understated exercise in painting a landscape in sound.

  • Rating: 8/10
  • Listens: 12
  • Highlight: Oulton
  • Label: Humm Recordings
  • Release Date: 6th March 2020
Broads - Ollust