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Broads & Milly Hirst - Happisburgh
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Building on a foundation of guitars and electronic experimentation English duo Broads have developed a form of contemporary music that sits rather comfortably in today's electronic musical zeitgeist. Taking their interest in loops and manipulated sounds one step further, the duo have teamed up with Norwich folk singer Milly Hirst to produce an (almost-entirely) analogue album built around pianos, drones, field recordings and wordless vocals.

Here's a taster from forthcoming album Ollust, a track call Happisburgh (pronounced haze-bruh), a mournful but gently uplifting, piano-led composition.

While Happisburgh bears no obvious vocal embellishments, judging by Hirst's delightful singing voice (on her own material) we're in for a treat... we'll just need to wait until the album drops on 6th March to hear her contribution.

Broads & Milly Hirst - Happisburgh