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Borderland - Transport
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There's no guarantee that supergroups and high profile collaborations will produce success, but in Borderland we have two heavyweights in the field of electronic music who have joined forces to produce a collection of simply sublime Dub Techno. The duo of Juan Atkins and Moritz von Oswald represents a magical meeting of minds that fittingly unites two principal states of musical innovation: Detroit and Berlin. The result is Transport, a seven track album that satisfyingly joins the dots between their respective musical niches.

Sounding deceptively simple at times, the effectiveness of the music isn't just down to tasteful Techno rhythms and subtle melodies but is borne from their vast, combined experience; the shimmering Lightyears or the restrained Zeolites exemplifying their confident approach to production. A future classic.

9/10 after 16 listens

Marking the 25th anniversary of German label Tresor, Transport forms part of a larger jubilee celebration that will include releases from (among others) Terrence Dixon, Objekt and Dasha Rush.

Borderland - Transport