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BNJMN - Final Network
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With a roster that includes Shlømo, Burnt Friedman and Conforce, Bright Sounds is a German label featuring artists experimenting in the realms of Techno. Berlin-based British producer Ben Thomas, aka BNJMN, joins the ranks with a suitably exploratory EP of headphone-friendly Techno.

On each of the tracks, layers of subtly intricate sound design bedeck a steady four-on-the-floor armature, with tiny drops and rising tension, as you might expect. It all sounds so simple, but there's a timeless sense that suits the wandering mind, taking you into the past and back to the future, arriving without travelling. Like finding an old Betamax video of the The Hit Man and Her, and the dancers are in fancy dress, and the club is Berghain. Cloaked in particular holds a resonant tension that speaks volumes for a producer producing something fresh and understated.

Final Network is out now on vinyl only.

BNJMN - Final Network